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Updated: Aug 8

I love shopping on Amazon and I have linked below some of my favorite finds ranging from kitchen to office and more!

This rose gold kitchen tool kit is as essential as it is pretty! Other items in my kitchen include this functional gold dish rack and paper towel holder. This single serve adorable pink Keurig is so pretty to keep out on the counter!

I love pink everything and this entire pot set is so cute and functional not to mention priced well!! The cereal dispensers are a must have fun way for my four kids to help themselves in the morning!! This marble cheeseboard is priced really well and is perfect to display goodies on or even to use as a tray for organization. Also this knife set in silver and a light acacia wood looks Elegant on the countertop and cuts through lemons like butter.

I absolutely adore these enjoy Corelle plates. They are unbreakable, lightweight, safe and perfect for Appetizers. The golden espresso teaspoons are adorable for coffee and tea. These copper rectangle shaped measuring spoons are narrow so easy to measure spices right out of the jar. European silverware is a must and comes in pretty rose gold. Finally the marble tray is a great addition next to your sink to store dish and hand soap elegantly.

Love anything acrylic, gold or marble. I have scoured amazon for the best deals on modern glam office chairs and accessories. The acrylic notepad holder is so pretty to look at and these comfortable and soft office chairs are so affordable. Pencil and paperclip holders are stylish and functional.

These items make for an organized and pretty closet! I love my Safavieh Ottoman from amazon. Perfect and luxurious. Motion senser LED lights are perfect for mindless shelf lighting. The velvet hangers, scarf hanger and pants hangers allow me to neatly hang clothes in a streamlined way. Finally, this gold purse stand is an elegant way to display purses for a boutique feel.

Pink and gold measuring cups to make your cooking joyous! I love anchor hocking storage jars for flour and sugar and have them right on my counter with a gold measuring cup inside. This milk frother is great for making cold and hot lattes. Gold dish organizer will glam up your kitchen cabinets. I love this oil dispenser with a gold top. This rose gold and acrylic drawer organizer is the prettiest way to keep kitchen goodies in order. Faux tulips are low maintenance and add cheer to a kitchen tray.

These amazon kitchen finds are so Adorable. The pink dutch oven is a pretty color, high quality and has a great price. The bread box will look lovely in any pantry and keeps two loaves of bread fresh for a long time. This hard boiled egg cooker is such a safe option for my 9,10 year old girls to make eggs with. Never worry about stale chips bags with this bag sealer. Lastly, how cute are these pink and gold measuring cups!

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