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Guest Bathroom makeover

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

On a whim, I decided to do a quick makeover for our guest bathroom, which is not used very often. My parents were coming into town and I wanted them to have a fresh space while they stayed with us. I ventured to add chalk paint to the cabinets, placed shiplap wallpaper on one accent wall and added new hardware for a fresh new look. The changes were quick to do and definitely added a much needed glam-up.


Before: Chipping brown laminate and blank neutral wall, washing out the room and clashing with the green granite countertops.

First coat was Spray painted by Rust Oleum Chalked in aged gray to get even coverage and act as a primer

Then I painted a coat of the same paint but with a brush to give a nice second coating.

Wow!! The color instantly made the granite look more compatible and it really brought out the gray tones in the floor.

Next, I sealed it with this top coat :

Next I added hardware! I am not drill savvy and would probably have drilled off one of my fingers or irreparable holes in the cabinets so I read about another easier hack. I used paint on gorilla glue to glue the hardware in place! This only works with light cabinet material with an easy to open mechanism and no soft close drawers.

Last change was adding shiplap removable peel and stick wallpaper to the wall facing the door.


$100 later!


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