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Top Dreamy Bedroom Designs on Instagram

Updated: May 11, 2020

I'm obsessed with a wonderfully curated mix of dreamy, bright and whimsy when it comes to bedrooms. After all, a bedroom should be your comfy and cozy retreat, the place where you can relax and rest up to face the day. I have selected below some of my all time favorite Instagram bedrooms inspirations.

1. Karina | Atmeikasa

I'm particularly smitten with Karina's glam but not over the top style. She creates luxurious appeal and I'm in love with the stylized entryway moment into her bedroom. She completes her boudoir with a comfortable couch and elegant curtains.

Maryann has an elegant and quiet style. White walls with detail and wainscotting, along with soft neutrals are soothing and create a perfectly 'grammable moment every time. She adds glam with a beautiful chandelier and a mercury glass table lamp. The rest of her home is just as calming and elegant.

3. Jan | janscarpino

From her beaded chandelier, to perfect blend of neutral textures, Jan's bedroom is definitely one I wouldn't want to leave. Also, her pictures showcase her uncanny ability to capture natural light. She couples her tufted bed with glam modern nightstands and a lovely herringbone patterned rug. She anchors her bed with a hotel worthy plethora of perfectly chopped pillows. I included a picture of her gorgeous teenage daughter's room as well.

This mom has a beautiful home and her bedroom is eye catching and glamorous. Soft colors and elegant choices for lighting make this into a heavenly retreat. The three small mirrors above each night stand creates an aesthetically pleasing visual experience. Instead of stealing this space, I'd prefer to move in:)

Joan's love for bright whites and pops of pink is why her bedroom appeals to me. Pretty pink floral artwork add some color to her otherwise neutral room. Her all white bedding and soft grey wood bed frame allow for her mirrored nightstands and textured rugs to really shine. An accent chair in a matching color and unique lamp choices complete the room. Love how she decorates her room for Christmas too!

6. Jaclyn | jaclynmari_

Bright white done right in this beautiful and symmetrical room. Grey and white vintage rug anchors the room and the gorgeous French style crystal chandelier adds drama. Pillows are simple and perfectly fluffed, and accessories like a tufted bench and soft throw are making me have all sorts of heart eyes. This whole room is simply stunning.


Well now that you have gazed at my favorite all time Instagram bedrooms, here are some take home tips to styling your own space:

* Don't be afraid to use a lot of white to brighten the space.

* Transform an otherwise ordinary bedroom space into a revolutionary one with something as simple a dramatic chandelier, mirrored nightstand or unique headboard.

*Adding a bench and a rug contributes to style and creates a comforting look.

Below are moodboards I created for dream bedrooms I'd love to have in my next home. Click each picture for product listings.

** disclaimer: Some product listing links may contain affiliate links. All pictures obtained with prior permission and link directly to the original source.

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