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Zakaria and Ayden's fun birthday Bash

Can't believe my cutie pie twins are 2!! They came early into this world but did not miss a beat. Born at 3 and 4 lbs just over 32 weeks, they spent 3 weeks in the NICU where they were termed "feeders and growers." Grow they did! Nobody can tell they are preemies now. They are such a joy and have transformed our family dynamic into a fun filled and adventurous one. Their two older sisters dote on them with ample affection and it melts our hearts.

Their two year old birthday celebration started off with a surprise new car. A BMW convertible to be exact--well, an amazing kid size replica by Dynacraft. They are obsessed with this car, and have been learning how to drive it all around the house and on our driveway outside.

They also both like to squish into the front seat and that is the most adorable thing ever. Visit Dynacraft for some awesome gifts and presents for little kids-- I wish I knew about their brand when the girls were little! (I will link some of my favorite finds from their site below).


We had a fun woodlands party theme, complete with a giant gold "2" balloon and some nut free cupcakes (as Zakaria is allergic to tree nuts). The colors were soft greens and neutral earthy tones to complement their adorable monogrammed napkins by Porter Lane Home.


Here are some more fun presents I want to share from My B Toys. I have always loved this brand and loved the selection at Target. These are some fun finds the twins got on their birthday that they are so excited to use.

Totally adorable rockers that are so unique and designed perfectly for their age.

The alphabet abascus has been a hit and they are learning so much from it. They also got a new footstool which will help their little legs reach our bathroom sink. B Spaces also has great kid furniture and storage, like this storage unit will allow me to organize their closet so nicely.

The twins love their new kid sized mid century modern table and chairs, and they have already colored all over it, thankfully with ultraclean washable crayons.


My Favorite picks from Dynacraft's website:

1. Princess carriage

2. Mini Electric Cooper


Some pictures from their newborn photoshoot at 3 weeks old.

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