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5 ways to make your home look expensive on a budget

We're going to show you how to create a designer feel in your home with quick easy ways without breaking the bank. From affordable and luxurious furniture brands to a few tried and true techniques, this post can guide new homeowners or anyone looking for a fresh look.


Finding these in an elegant fabric and hanging them near the ceiling will create a luxurious and upscale look in your home, because they will give an illusion that your room is larger.

Ways to make it look designer: Use a handheld steamer to remove any wrinkles easily, or pop into the dryer with a wet washcloth for 30 minutes. Always opt for floor length to avoid a "capri" look and buy longer curtains when you can. Places like JC Penney sell them at long lengths that are long enough for even 9-10 foot ceilings. If the curtains you order are too long, don't fret, you can use double sided fabric tape to shorten them easily without anyone knowing!


For designer pillows that are on a budget-- look for pillow covers. Make sure to take all the wrinkles out and use white down inserts which are perfect for holding their shape after a designer pillow chop. Down also retains plumpness a lot longer than other kind of pillows. Try to choose pillows with fun but minimal designs along with several neutral solid color pillows to create a comfortable and stylish tone. Don't be afraid to add white faux fur pillows for a glam touch.


This mirror below is in my dining room and I love how it reflects the bubble chandelier, the lighting from the room across the hall, and showcases the French double doors of the study.

Leaning Floor Mirror

I love using mirrors and they are the easiest way to glam up a home. Mirrors and lighting play off each other and can be paired to create an illusion that the room is larger than it really is. Place the mirror strategically across a lighting source like a chandelier or a large open window to create this look. I have found all sorts of beautiful mirrors at American Signature Furniture, Home Goods and Uttermost as well.


Opt for a larger, less expensive rug over a smaller, expensive one—especially if you have kids and pets, both of which can wreak havoc on wool rugs. Larger rugs make spaces appear larger and more fluid. Make sure to use a rug larger than 3 inches from each end of a dining chair and make sure it goes completely beneath all the legs of furniture in a room layout. I love rugs by Safavieh, found at Plush Rugs.


Designer rooms often have a large conversation art piece. This can tends to be something oversize and attention grabbing. Having a large piece of wall art can give your living room or entryway a luxe and interesting feel. If you search and can't find any figurative art that speaks to you, simply find something in the colors you like. I can never decide on personal or figurative art, but I know I like white and bright tones. Therefore, I tend to pick neutral or anonymous abstract paintings in the colors I love. I love the way a thin silver frame looks surrounding a canvas. Check out Home Goods for a huge variety, secondhand shops and estates sales for some unique pieces.


Shopping these brands will provide great quality, affordability and style. We have personally used and reviewed these brands and would love to share them with you.

Modern and affordable styles. Love their quality and trendy selections. This awesome mid century modern velvet white chair is perfect in our dining room corner.

Gorgeous designer looks at wholesale prices. You can find them at retailers such as Home Goods or Amazon. I have one of their vanity mirrors in my closet and I'm in love.

Partnered with them to redesign my dining room and will have a dedicated post coming soon.

**All pictures not taken by me are linked to their original owners and sources when they are clicked upon.

**Some pictures may contain affiliate links

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