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Best luxury candle brands

Updated: May 12, 2020

Ready to read along and take your candle addiction to the next level?

Below are my top picks for luxury candle brands that come in beautiful chic votives and vividly entice the senses. There are a lot of options for affordable and quality candles out there, but the ones I am describing here are comparable to the finest of perfumes. They define luxury, have multi-note features and smell oh so very fine. These may not be the most affordable, but if you are a bonafide candle addict, you will absolutely love these luxe candle brands, or at least can dream about them! Also, because they come in such pretty votives, these are easily reusable.

Cool and edgy, Thompson Ferrier is sold at Barneys, Bloomingdales, and several other high end department stores.


Otherland transforms your home into an immersive world that never stands still.

These candles are so fun and colorful, and are made from the highest parafin wax. The scents are delightful and the packaging is customizable and elegant. According to their site, they chose a finely woven cotton wick and a made-in-the-USA glass tumbler, which we designed to be reusable (think cocktails, makeup brushes, your scrunchie collection).


This candle company features an Indie designer and maker of beautifully scented handcrafted minimalist candles. Highest quality and amazing scents, that transport you to different places. I especially love their Escapist collection. I highly recommend trying Brooklyn Candle Studio candles.


Slow down. Light a candle. Set the tone. These candles are natural and organic with such accurate and lovely smells, not to mention they come in a fabulous array of designs. Take a look below.


Luxury at it's finest. These are perfect for gifting as they come exquisitely packaged. They are hand poured in London and use a high percent of fragrance and burn more than 55 hours. They come with a chic gold lid and a stylish handmade box.

This is also one of my favorite candle brands because of the vast variety and amazing smells. They have a huge selection of scents and are very reasonably priced


These sensual candles are one of a kind and worth every scent. They are so elegant and smell divine. They have dual wick candles that burn on both sides and therefore more evenly avoiding welling in the candle. No dealing with wax residue. This also improves ambiance and doubles the fragrance, my whole home smelled amazing after lighting one of these beauties! They are made of a special blend of wax to maximize exceptional olfactory and burning quality, leaving no black soot.

8. Levitate Candle company

Stay Tuned for more additions to my top luxury candle list:)


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