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Sofia's Healthy Flamingo Birthday Bash

My second oldest 7 year old daughter and I are alike in some ways. We both have long dark brown hair and eyes, love watching Wheel of Fortune and American Ninja Warrior together, and could sit for hours at the table soothingly drawing various animals and designs. The similarities end there. I love cake--all kinds of cake, and especially chocolate cake. She, on the other hand, requested only fruit for her birthday. I insisted that we have to have a cake for her party! That is how her grandmother creatively came up with a watermelon cake that looks like a cake but definitely isn't. (I will come after anyone who tries to give me fruit on my birthday in lieu of cake).

Regardless, it is a healthy idea and turned out very cute! Thanks Mom!

For the rest of her party decor, Sofia asked for a Flamingo theme. I was excited to change it up because out of her prior 6 birthdays, 4 were Monkey themed. Also, here is a picture of Sofia's Flamingo artwork at our local art studio. Mama and two daughter flamingos just like us.


These adorable Dinner Flamingo plates by Merimeri and stirrers from Target were all we needed to incorporate that theme

Love confetti balloons by leballon and had a few of those blown up despite a fiasco where one popped all over our marble entryway.

Hot pink peonies and this amazing smelling candle were also part of the simple decor. We didn't want to put candles in the cake so used the candle itself to hold 7 pretty long candles for her to blow out.

Dessert plates are by Q Squared and they are actually made out of high quality melamine, so pretty and durable.


Fruit Cake instructions:


  • Watermelon

  • Pineapple

  • Blackberries

  • Strawberries

  • Kiwi


  • Toothpicks

  • Wooden kabob skewers

  • Sharp knives

  • A pretty serving platter with a slightly raised rim to trap the fruit juice


1. Trim all the white rind off of the watermelon so you just have pink fruit showing

2. Make three tiers by cutting the watermelon into three horizontal pieces, largest to smallest. **tip**Use a boning knife that is very sharp for best success

3. Trace round mixing bowls on top of the pieces to get nice, circular shapes.

4. For easy slicing, cut the bottom and middle tiers into wedge like pie pieces and use the wooden kabob skewers to hold them into place.

5. Use toothpicks to attach and creatively style the remaining fruit any way you like!

Sofia loved the cake and her cute but simple decor for our small family birthday party:)

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