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Top 5 Bright White Decor Inspiration accounts you need to follow now!

Whether you are looking to refresh your interior decor or starting to decorate a home from scratch, Instagram home decor accounts are a great way to do so! As a teenager, I remember leafing through very old magazine subscriptions and painstakingly sawing out and pasting my favorite decor trends. Now cutting edge style and inspiration is all at our fingertips!

Creativity and serene spaces are what catch my eye the most, which basically covers a whole breadth of styles. I follow many different large interior influencers and smaller design accounts on Instagram, but I am sharing my secret go to stash for a slice of bright white decor inspiration below.

You absolutely have to check out these accounts for some envy inducing designs! Their accounts are linked in pink below for easy access.


1. Nina and Cecilia || @ninaandcecilia

Hailing from Iowa, these twin sisters have such harmonious colors and their instagram account is so light and airy! The styling of their pictures and photography also shows how talented they are!


2. Sonja || @jslifeandstyle

I love everything about her home and account. The soft whites, neutrals and big airy spaces combined with soft touches of coastal blues and pink. Her home looks like a relaxing haven and I can't get enough of her beaded chandelier!


3. Megan || @Sugarcolorstyle

This account always makes me smile and simultaneously makes me want to go out and redecorate all of my home until it evokes the same feelings of bliss her pictures provide! See for yourself:

She utilizes a lot of white and neutrals in her decor, but the textures and details of each room is what makes her design special. Also, of course I absolutely love the pops of pink.


4. Courtney || @Tuftandtrim

Courtney is an interior designer who offers e-design, staging and home design projects on her blog. Her instagram delineates some of her different projects as well as pictures of her stunning, classic and timeless bright white home. She has an eye for detail and her page will not disappoint!


5. Kylee || @herheartandhome

Kylee is fixing up her 1960s home and so far it looks stunning. She also shares lots of fun inspiration pictures from a few more of my favorite bright white styled homes. Here is a sampling of her home below:

Thank you for reading and I am also looking for new inspiration myself. Feel free to comment below any of your favorite bright white accounts!

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