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Hello everyone. I spent all day yesterday cleaning out our playroom. The playroom is a little room with jack and jill doors connecting my sons' and daughters' rooms. It isn't large at all, maybe 8 x 10 feet, but has high ceilings as it is located where the foyer would be in the home, and has lots of windows and pretty lighting.

For the last 2 years, it has been a mishmash of the girls' toys, and I have tried a few times in the past to organize it, but it alas within a few weeks, it would flood over with toys and gadgets and papers. I didn't even go in there; in fact, I ignored it's very existence.

Well this weekend, I decided to revamp it. I took every single toy out. Bagged up 3 large hefty bags of toys to donate (girls were on board, as they are getting older and don't play with many of their toys like they used to). Also, I baby proofed it for the twins. So now, instead of keeping them out and worrying so badly if they are going to eat a tiny lego piece, I can relax and let them play in there freely.

Here are some little touches of the playroom, and some items I ordered that are coming soon.

I was storing the girl's art from school in a bin. Nobody was looking at them, and I had a bare tall wall in the playroom. Time for a gallery!! The girls loved it, and I attached them simply with double sided tape. Will exchange them as they bring new art home. So bright and colorful!

This sign is sooo cute and was custom made and personalized on I actually ordered it 2.5 years ago when we first moved in, and it became lost. My daughter Sofia found it behind her dresser on accident yesterday looking for a pair of socks, and thus, the impetus for my overhaul of this play area.

I hung it up with a nail and this cute girl, tiny yet super practical hammer I found at home goods. I has both a phillips and regular screwdriver built into it. Somehow, even my tools have to be cute and girly.

I ordered these from restoration hardware for the girls to sit in--they were on a great sale and almost 40% off regular price after member discount.

Washable rug by Lorena Canals is KEY. Love having a large and cute aztec print rug that I can throw into my washing machine at any time!

Another cute sign on the wall:

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