• Lisa


Hello everyone. I spent all day yesterday cleaning out our playroom. The playroom is a little room with jack and jill doors connecting my sons' and daughters' rooms. It isn't large at all, maybe 8 x 10 feet, but has high ceilings as it is located where the foyer would be in the home, and has lots of windows and pretty lighting.

For the last 2 years, it has been a mishmash of the girls' toys, and I have tried a few times in the past to organize it, but it alas within a few weeks, it would flood over with toys and gadgets and papers. I didn't even go in there; in fact, I ignored it's very existence.

Well this weekend, I decided to revamp it. I took every single toy out. Bagged up 3 large hefty bags of toys to donate (girls were on board, as they are getting older and don't play with many of their toys like they used to). Also, I baby proofed it for the twins. So now, instead of keeping them out and worrying so badly if they are going to eat a tiny lego piece, I can relax and let them play in there freely.

Here are some little touches of the playroom, and some items I ordered that are coming soon.