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Hello Everyone! My name is Lisa, the main author behind this blog. The lulu from "homeinspirationlulu" comes from my nickname when I was little, and now it's also the nickname of my 8 year old daughter. I started this blog because I love home decor and design and I wanted to create a lovely retreat and haven when I come home from a busy day. My instagram account has been active for almost 3 years and I wanted to be able to write and post more freely on this blog. In addition to dabbling in interior decorating, I am also very passionate about my family and my actual day job--a Breast Imaging Radiologist. Also, along with my close friend Tamara, (also a Doc mom of 4) I am co admin for a clo


Hello everyone. I spent all day yesterday cleaning out our playroom. The playroom is a little room with jack and jill doors connecting my sons' and daughters' rooms. It isn't large at all, maybe 8 x 10 feet, but has high ceilings as it is located where the foyer would be in the home, and has lots of windows and pretty lighting. For the last 2 years, it has been a mishmash of the girls' toys, and I have tried a few times in the past to organize it, but it alas within a few weeks, it would flood over with toys and gadgets and papers. I didn't even go in there; in fact, I ignored it's very existence. Well this weekend, I decided to revamp it. I took every single toy out. Bagged up 3 large h

"Modern rustic with a touch of glam"

I always loved home design and decor, but over the past 3 years, since moving, furnishing, and decorating a new home, I have really gotten into it. Thing is, even after all this time, I can't seem to settle on just one specific taste or style. There are a few items from each genre that I really love and I used to say my style is eclectic. But really, although that might be true, the world "eclectic" to me conjures ideas of methodical mismatch with touches of global style and that definitely doesn't fit. Someone asked me on an instagram post recently how I would describe my personal taste. I was able to answer, but only after much pensive thought, and I finally came up with "Modern rusti


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